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The forum that excellently presents your successful brand work: The German Brand Awards is the brand and marketing award with the highest reach in German-speaking countries. We reward brands and their makers: companies, agencies, marketeers and service providers.

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„This marketing award is for us a figurehead to the outside, but also internally for the employees. This shows that we not only make good engineering but also good marketing.For us, Germany is a pilot market in engineering and marketing. In that sense, the price clearly has a radiation effect on other countries.“

Rainer Busch

Head of International Marketing and Brand Management,

Bosch Thermotechnik

Excellent Brands

The best product and corporate brands in the industry.

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Award category

Banking & Financial Services

e.g. banks, building societies, credit card companies, leasing companies

Beauty & Care

e.g. body care, cosmetics, wellness, hygienics

Building & Elements

e.g. Smart Home, building management, building materials, window and door manufacturers, construction elements, insulating material producers

Chemical Industry

e.g. fine chemicals, specialty chemicals

Consumer Electronics

e.g. entertainment electronics, TV, audio, video, photo

Corporate Services

e.g. business and personnel consulting, tax consulting, lawyers, security services

Culture & Concerts

e.g. orchestras, theatres, museums, theaters, shows

Education & Research

e.g. schools, universities, kindergartens, research institutes, foundations, other educational institutions private or public

Media & Entertainment

e.g. media companies, publishers, news portals, newspapers, magazines, TV/ digital programme brands, TV/radio stations


e.g. clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and luggage

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

e.g. food, beverages, drugstore articles

Tool & Gardening

e.g. tools, garden equipment

Health & Pharmaceuticals

e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, health services, medical technology and medical products, pharmaceuticals

Heating & Bathroom

e.g. heating, air-conditioning and energy technology, bathrooms and sanitary facilities

Industry, Machines & Engineering

e.g. industry 4.0, machinery & plant construction, machine tools, industrial components, construction machinery


e.g. insurance companies, statutory health insurance funds, insurance brokers

Interior & Living

e.g. furniture, home textiles, floor coverings, garden furniture

Kids & Toys

e.g. games, toys, children's products, art and craft supplies, musical instruments

Kitchen & Household Appliances

e.g. kitchen appliances, cleaning equipment, robots

Leisure & Crafts

e.g. toys, art and craft supplies, musical instruments


e.g. lighting, illuminants, lighting technology

Logistics & Infrastructure

e.g. utilities, power generators, logistics service providers, cable network providers


e.g. luxury articles, jewellery, watches

Non-Governmental Organisation & Public Affairs

e.g. non-profit institutions, foundations, associations, city brands, regional brands, parties

Office & Stationery

e.g. paper, office supplies, stationery

Public Affairs, City & State

e.g. city brands, regional brands, parties

Research and Development

e.g. research institutes, foundations, universities

Sports & Outdoor Goods

e.g. sports equipment and products, sports equipment clothing

Sports Associations & Sporting Clubs

e.g. associations, clubs, leagues incl. e-sports, championships, tournaments

Telecommunications & IT

e.g. telecommunications companies, Hardware and software manufacturers, cloud solution providers, IT service providers


e.g. hotels, tour operators, airlines, travel marketer

Trade Fairs & Event Locations

e.g. trade fair companies, arenas, stadiums & venues

Trade, Retail & e-Commerce

e.g. food retailing, fashion chains, web shops, comparison portals

Transport & Mobility

e.g. automobility, electromobility, mobility service provider


In addition, the jury awards awards in the following categories:

Brand Innovation of the Year

Best brand innovation

Corporate Brand of the Year

Best corporate brand

Digital Brand of the Year

Best digital brand

Employer Brand of the Year

Best employer brand

Newcomer Brand of the Year

Best start-up

Product Brand of the Year

Best product brand

Service Brand of the Year

Best service brand

Sustainable Brand of the Year

Most sustainable brand

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation

The best campaigns, concepts and strategies.

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Award category

Brand Behaviour

e.g. behaviour guidelines, employee programs, corporate fashion collections

Brand Communication – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising

e.g. poster campaigns, outdoor installations, special advertising formats in urban living space

Brand Communication - Acustic & Sensoric branding

z.B. Audio Logos, Sound Logos, Klangwelten, Earcons, Corporate Songs

Brand Communication – Architecture & Buildings

e.g. brand-typical architecture of company buildings like branches, headquarters, campus

Brand Communication – Brand Events, Fairs & Exhibitions

e.g. trade fair stands, pop-up stores, company anniversaries, brand experience centres

Brand Communication – Dialogue & CRM

e.g. CRM programs, mailings off- and online, integrated dialog campaigns, direct marketing activities

Brand Communication - Digital solutions & Apps

e.g. apps for using, controlling or accessing information about products and services

Brand Communication - Guerilla Marketing

e.g. unconventional staging or placement of the advertising message

Brand Communication – Influencer Marketing

e.g. sponsored contributions, co-creation, channel takeovers, product tests

Brand Communication – Integrated Campaign

e.g. cross-channel, holistically implemented campaigns for brand or product communication

Brand Communication – Intranet & Collaboration

e.g. intranet portals, collaboration platforms, forums and blogs

Brand Communication – Movies, Commercials & Virals

e.g. corporate films, image films, TV commercials, virals

Brand Communication – Point of Sale

e.g. advertising measures in retail, flagship stores, digital showrooms, franchise systems, e-shops

Brand Communication – Print

e.g. advertising campaigns, annual reports, yearbooks

Brand Communication – Public Relations

e.g. press conferences & events, press dialog & tools

Brand Communication – Social Media

e.g. social media presence, campaigns, community management, live events

Brand Communication – Storytelling & Content Marketing

e.g. magazines, blogs, podcasts, tutorials

Brand Communication – User experience

e.g. holistic customer experiences, usability of products, websites or e-shops

Brand Communication – Web & Mobile

e.g. company or product websites, online sales, microsites, portals

Brand Design - Corporate Brand

e.g. corporate design for corporate brands

Brand Design - Packaging

e.g. innovative use of materials, differentiated design

Brand Design - Product Brand

e.g. corporate design for product brands

Brand Design - Product Design

e.g. brand-typical product design in shape, colour and/or handling

Brand Digitalization

e.g. augmented and virtual reality, online configurators, brand-specific service digitalisations

Brand Innovation & New Business Models

e.g. digital business models, disruptive approaches, new product launches

Brand Strategy

e.g. brand portfolio, brand architecture, brand positioning, brand partnership strategies, brand controlling

Branded Activities During Covid 19

e.g. cooperation with companies or organisations, sensitisation and/or support for the population

Branded Corporate Social Responsibility

e.g. social commitment, climate protection, educational work

Employer Branding Activities & Campaigns

e.g. employer marketing, employer brand campaigns and events

Internal Branding & Brand Academies

e.g. brand academies, internal brand communication concepts, internal communication, e-learning offers


In addition, the jury awards awards in the following categories:

Brand Revival of the Year

(Best brand revival)

Brand Experience of the Year

(Best brand experience)

Brand Impact of the Year

(Projekt with the best impact)

Lighthouse Project of the Year

(Projekt with greatest radiance)

Brand Efficiency of the Year

(Project with best cost effectiveness ratio)

Brand Innovation of the Year

(Best brand innovation)

Brand Strategy of the Year

(Best brand strategy)

Your benefits

With a gross audience of around 315 million contacts per year, the German Brand Awards is the marketing award with the highest reach in German-speaking countries and is becoming increasingly international. In the direct competitive environment, the German Brand Awards ranks number 1 nationwide and second place internationally.

We accompany the jury meeting, the German Brand Convention and the award ceremony together with the winners in the social media - by mentioning e.g. LinkedIn we increase your visibility.

Benefit from the

widest reach

Become part of a unique network

The awardees and jury members of the award and the speakers of the German Brand Convention form a unique network of brand and marketing experts: make new contacts with real personalities.

Increase your visibility

in social media

As a prize winner, you will receive two tickets for the exclusive award ceremony in Berlin. As part of the gala dinner, the Best of Best winners will be honored and the Personality Award will be presented on stage.

As a winner you can have professional photos taken during the award ceremony with your award. The photos will be available for download on the evening of the award ceremony and can be used for own press and social media activities.

Professional pictures in front of our photo wall

Celebrate your success at

the award ceremony

Inspiration and exchange
at the German
Brand Convention

The German Brand Convention will take place during the award ceremony. The focus is on dialogue - not just on stage. Representatives from large German companies, trade press, and of course all winners of the German Brand Award exchange their knowledge, interdisciplinary and cross-industry.

We regularly inform the daily, business and trade press via comprehensive press releases about the most important steps and results in connection with the invitation to tender, the jury meeting and the award ceremony. In addition, we will communicate the award to decision-makers from business, politics and media and invite them to our network events - eg. At the award ceremony, for example, we draw your attention to the winners.

Each competition entry will be presented in our online gallery at, including links to the company page. Award participants are here permanently present with their submission - beyond the award ceremony.

Permanent presentation in the online gallery

Comprehensive and regular press work

Content for your communication: Jury statement

Gold and Best of Best winners will receive a short statement from the jury. This will be published in the catalogue as well as in the online gallery next to the article and can also be used by the award winners in their own communication.

All award-winning brands and projects are presented in the catalog of the German Brand Award with a picture, text and company information. Gold and Best of Best projects receive a two-page entry.

You will receive two copies of your winning certificate in a high-quality frame. These can be accepted at the award ceremony or sent to you by post.

Valuable awarded with the certificates

Exclusive entry

in the catalogue

Communicate success

with the labels

We will provide you with the appropriate winner label, which may be used from the end of the communication block. Communicate your success in the award with the use of the label - on websites, in digital communication, in signatures, in print, on product packaging and in advertising.

Gold and Best of Best winners will also receive a prize sculpture - a real highlight, for your corporate foyer e.g. Best-of-Best sculptures will be presented exclusively on stage during the show.

Then register your project or brand for the German Brand Award 2020 today and benefit from all these advantages!

Have we convinced you?

A noble highlight is the

price sculpture

Take advantage of the offer of our marketing service

As a winner you get exclusive access to our marketing services. Here you can order additional marketing articles for your award, such as acrylic glass certificates e.g.

Sascha Prosek

Head of Brand Strategy & Corporate Design at Commerzbank AG

"The German Brand Award is unique for the industry: It is international, independent and has a coverage that is second to none."

German Brand Award 2019


The dates

4 December 2020

Early bird deadline

12 February 2021


19 February 2021

Deadline upload submissions

4 March 2021

Jury session

Middle of March 2021

Jury results by mail

17 June 2021

Award ceremony &

German Brand Convention

Your participation

Click on the registration button to get to our online database »My Design Council«. If you do not have an account yet, register as a new participant and create your profile.



Then create your submission to the competition. For this you need: a text in German and English, pictures and the information in which competition class and category you would like to compete.


Everything completely? Now you can complete your registration bindingly. Please note: Participation in the competition as well as a possible award are associated with costs and fees. For a cost overview, please click here:


Upload a presentation of your brand or project for a jury meeting by 19 February 2021. You will receive the upload link with the registration confirmation.


You will be notified of the results of the jury in writing. All winners will be invited to the award ceremony of the German Brand Award in June 2021 in Berlin. We wish you much success!

How it works:

Costs overview »Excellent Brands«
Costs overview »Excellence in</br>Brand Strategy and Creation«
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Download the fact sheet for the competition. There you will find all information about the process, conditions, jury and costs.

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